I’ve Got The Best Job.

And some other stuff about me.

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

For most people, a dream trip is one of the highlights of their life. For me, it is my life. I’m lucky. I’m able to spend all of my time studying, discussing, designing and visiting destinations most only dream about.

Perhaps more lucky than me are my two daughters, Olivia and Alexandra, who get all the benefits but don’t need to work for them!

The Horvath Family at Machu Picchu.

Entrepreneur at Heart

Growing up, my parents owned a small business so the entrepreneurial spirit was planted in me from an early age.

Dean Horvath exiting a Rolls Royce Phantom at the Peninsula Hong Kong

My first company was a diamond importing business. I sold the diamond company when I realized that the best part of the diamond industry was the travel. I’ve never looked back.

Mason Horvath Travel was next. It was my first travel company, but not the only one.

I’ve developed two other niche travel companies that saw quick success: Blue Petal Destination Weddings and Into the Vineyard – Wine Inspired Travel.

I’ve since sold both Blue Petal and Into the Vineyard and the new owners have each continued their success.

Mason Horvath Travel remains my true passion.




A Passion for Wine

I think my fascination with vineyards started while on vacation as a kid. Every year we would camp on a lake right

Tasting Wine from the barrel.

beside a vineyard. The countless hours spent running through the vines must have seeped into my blood.

Whenever possible, I incorporate a wine component in my travels. I’ve received professional training and hold an Advanced Wine Certificate from WSET.

My daughters have been dragged to the finest wine regions around the world. They’ve been swirling, sniffing and sipping their orange juice from a young age.

My love for wine has come full circle. I now own a summer house on that same property I used to camp on so many years ago, right beside the vineyard that started it all.

A Wanna-Be Chef

Food is also an important part of my travels. Nothing tells the story of the local culture quite like an examination of their cuisine.

I’ve been known to plan my travel itineraries around the World’s Best Restaurants.

I’m under no illusion of becoming a great chef any time soon…or even a good one. But I enjoy cooking and I try to take in a lesson on the local cuisine wherever I go.

Cooking in Tuscany


Dean Horvath thinks the wine is too warm.


A Little Adventure

My lust for adventure has been somewhat tamed by my daughters. I’d love to push the boundaries more than I do, but it’s tough when my traveling companions aren’t quite old enough yet.

Still, I get my fair share of thrills.

I’ve raced Ferraris in Tuscany, hiked Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, biked the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and dove with great white sharks in South Africa and hammerhead sharks in Galapagos. One thing I know for sure is that when my kids get a little older, the adventure side of my travel will increase.

Great White Shark Diving
Talking to school kids in Solio, Kenya.

Giving Back

My admiration for disadvantaged kids began on my first trip to Kenya. I was watching a group of young boys playing up the road from where I was staying. They were playing with three sticks: two stuck in the ground upright and one balanced horizontally between the two, creating a simple high jump.

The five boys lined up single file and one after another they took turns jumping the stick. Sometimes by themselves, sometimes together with a buddy. Backwards, twisting, diving, it didn’t matter. Again and again, jump after jump, they went long into the evening.

It was the look in their eyes. A look of pure delight, like there was nothing on earth that could possibly be more exciting than jumping this stick. Each jump brought a bigger cheer from their friends. To them, this was sheer joy.

As the trip went on, I came across similar scenes across Africa. Children eager to take things on, full of life, happy with whatever they have. It was such a difference from the kids at home. There was no complaining about getting latest video game or about yet another throw-away toy.

And it wasn’t just Africa. Since then, I’ve traveled extensively

through the world. Everywhere I go, I see kids eager to take on the world.

I wanted to help. If we could educate them while they still had this zeal for life, would it provide them with enough choices in their lives to pull themselves out of extreme poverty?

I’m determined to find out. We’ve already built our first classroom in Kenya and we’re committed to building more. As travel professionals, we earn our living from the world. I feel it’s our duty to give back as well as take from it.

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