Get help with your Corporate Travel,
right at the moment you need it.

Eliminate the stress of being on the road.

Built for Serious Travelers

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • It’s essential that your corporate travel runs smoothly.
  • You’re frustrated by mistakes.
  • You don’t have time to sit on hold with an airline.
  • You frequently make last minute travel plans.
  • You need a lifeline when your travel goes wrong.
  • You’re trying to minimize the hassle of booking travel.

For Trips that Must Run Smoothly

You can’t concentrate on your work if you’re frustrated by the mistakes in your travel planning. Our focus on international and complicated business travel provides us with the experience to spot potential hiccups in your itinerary.
You can relax knowing our quality control is in place to prevent errors and our 24-hour emergency backup is only a phone call away.

Corporate Travel Running Smoothly
Booking Online Isn't So Great

When Expedia Can’t Help

It’s okay to book that simple trip to Toronto online.

  • But what if your going overseas?
  • What if it’s a complicated trip with multiple stops?
  • What if you plan to make multiple changes?
  • What if you need some advice and assistance?

We’re here for the more important trips.
….but of course we can book Toronto for you as well.

You Don’t Have Time For That

Don’t twiddle-your-thumbs waiting for an airline to answer your call ever again. You’ll never wait on hold to speak with our agents, no matter whether you’re in your office or stuck in an overseas airport.

No Time To Sit On Hold
24 Hour Corporate Travel Lifeline

A Lifeline When You Need It

Let’s face it. Bad things can happen on the road. Thankfully, we shine when things go wrong. We’re there when your plans change on the fly, when your flight is delayed or when you’re faced with an emergency in the middle of the night. Our 24-Hour Emergency Line is staffed by our own team, not a call centre, so you’ll hear a voice that cares.

You Need to Save the Company Some Money

Our service fee is $50 per person, per trip.
Changes and midnight emergency calls are free.
More importantly, we spend extra time on your booking, looking for creative alternatives to save you money. We anticipate the likelihood of changes and find the most cost-effective fare for your journey.

Save Money With Corporate Travel
Booking Corporate Travel With Mason Horvath

It’s Easy To Make The Change

Changing your company’s travel provider seems like a big endeavour. Thankfully, we make the change easy for you. There’s no iron-clad contract to sign and there’s
no minimum spend.

Give us a try on your next few bookings just to see how we compare. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Find out how much better your company’s travel can be.

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