As the sun rises over the mountain, you realize you're the only people around.
The Sun Rises

The icy-cold air stings your face as you take your first step out of the helicopter, your adrenalin still pumping from the flight up to the peak of this mountain.

You take a moment to survey your surroundings. Nothing but cascading, snow-covered peaks that drop into tree lined valleys.

Your helicopter is the only evidence of civilization as far as you can see.

Which makes sense, because this morning you’re starting your week-long adventure safari through the largest heli-skiing terrain in the world with Last Frontier Heliskiing.

What’s It Like To Ski the Largest Terrain in the World?

Check out this video to find out.

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Just How Large Is It?

It’s difficult to comprehend, so let me put it into perspective:

Whistler Resort is a total of 8000 acres.
• The total area of every resort in Colorado added together is 32,000 acres.
• The average heli-skiing operation in Canada is 500,000 acres.

The total exclusive, uninterrupted terrain for Last Frontier Heli-skiing is a ridiculous 2.2 million acres!

That means that you literally won’t see another soul on any of the mountains other than your skiing companions.

Unbelievable Snowfall

And the powder! The average snowfall is between 70 and 100 feet per year, so you will be literally skiing terrain that has never been touched before.

The trip from lodge to lodge takes seven days, but don’t worry, you don’t have to brave the outdoors at night. The helicopter will transport you back to the lodge each evening.

The area is located in central British Columbia, near the west coast of Canada so you’ll fly though Vancouver to get there.

How much does this heli-skiing adventure cost?

This 7-day safari through the largest heli-skiing operation in the world includes your 5-person helicopter, accommodations, skis, gear and safety equipment. But how much does it cost? Click below to find out.

How much does it cost?