Celia Alexandra Yates
Celia Alexandra Yates

Name: Alex Yates

City, State/Province: Victoria BC Canada

Email: Alex.yates@masonhorvath.com

Hi There!
With 16 years experience as a Travel Advisor and 48 countries visited ( so far), I have the experience , and have amazing relationships with Suppliers across the world to help you plan your perfect vacation.
I grew up in East Africa and lived in 5 different African Countries as a child, so African Safaris are a special interest.
I speak with an English accent, am married to an American, and I live in Victoria, Canada!
I’m known as “The Cruise Queen” and have the experience and knowledge to help you pick the right ship on the right Cruise line and the right itinerary for you and your family.
I have been on 38 cruises (so far) and become a bit of a specialist in cruising the Mediterranean, and I LOVE Italy! I have curated music themed trips, groups of Art lovers and lots of wine and foodie groups!
I am also a specialist in travel for people with mobility and health concerns ( one of only 2 specialists in Canada), and have assisted people to travel to places beyond their wildest dreams! ( Machu Picchu in a wheelchair!)
Get in touch and let me help you plan your next adventure!