Alysia Ducuara
Alysia Ducuara
Alysia Ducuara

Company Name: Postcard Envy Travel

Name: Alysia Ducuara

City, State/Province: Salt Lake City, Utah


Hi, my name is Alysia and I started Postcard Envy Travel. I LOVE to travel and experience new cultures, people, places, and food. I believe travel can inspire, help a person grow, make you feel more connected, and challenge you with new experiences and adventure.

When I travel I want to immerse myself into the culture and take a piece of it home in my heart. I make sure to enjoy typical food of that region, be inspired by art and local architecture, and partake in an experience where I can connect with locals and learn more about their culture. I’ve eaten giant creamy avocados in Colombia, stood in awe of Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona, and learned how to cook Thai food at a local farm in Chiang Mai. I want my clients to truly experience a city, a country, a continent through all their senses.

I have a master’s degree in Health Promotion and Education and did multiple courses on positive psychology and resiliency. An important part of increasing one’s happiness is having something to look forward to like a relaxing vacation, an exciting adventure, or cultural experience. Traveling can be a restorative process to take a break from your routine life and give your body, mind, and spirit a much-needed rejuvenation.

Postcard Envy Travel takes the work out of planning and leaves you savoring your next trip. I am excited to plan your next travel experience!