Company Name: Carryon Custom Travel

Name: Amy Mayhew

City, State/Province: St.Stephen, NB Canada


Traveling – It Leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” Ibn Battuta

Have you ever returned from a trip only to be unable to explain to friends & family the pure joy that you felt from an experience or a landscape that took your breath away? This is what Carryon Travel wants to create for you.
Allow me to introduce myself, I am Amy Mayhew, the founder and sole owner of Carryon Custom Travel. I am a 40 some-odd year-old woman (40’s the new 30, right?), that started out in the workplace at a young age with small children, yet still able to get a Business degree. Finally, after a lot of jumping from job to job, I just by chance I landed myself a Project Manager position which was remarkable collaboration of all my best skills, planning, logistics and finances. I have now worked as a project manager for many years in a few industries, each teaching me new & exciting things, I have learned and grown so much, with a few mistakes along the way.

Traveling for me, as many others, started with all inclusive resorts to the typical southern North American destinations. Although I thoroughly enjoyed being at the lovely beaches and the endless drinks, this was not the type of travel that would give me the goosebumps that I desired to have from an experience, this was until my first solo trip. After my children were in their mid-late teen years and I was recently out of a failed marriage, I designed and arranged my first real adventure, off I went alone to Ireland! This was the beginning for me of my constant state of planning and dreaming of where to go next, I have since been traveling both on solo trips as well as shared experiences with my new partner. Each adventure I designed, booked and arranged entirely.

You can see where this is going right? An opportunity came along which allowed me to utilize my project management skills with my love for travel and adventure into a career. I have created this company with the focus to be on; solo, group or couple luxury adventure travel and I am teaming up with some big names in the industry to allow me to offer you the best of the best. One of kind itineraries not a cookie cutter trips, your own custom adventure!
If you are dreaming of; elephants in Thailand, hiking in Ecuador, castles in Scotland or penguins in South Africa allow me to make these dreams reality to first become speechless, then to be your own storyteller.