Name: Anne Van Brussel

City, State/Province: Banff,AB


Travel open your mind, teach about yourself and gives you inspiration in your life.
My parents gives me the opportunity to travel with them when I was younger,
to discover new cultures, new landscaping, new foods.With a photographer diploma, I have the passion to observe everything around me.When I started to book some trip for myself I realize how traveling was a big part of my life!
I took my best decision in my life with no regret 10 years ago when I quiet my job to travel in New Zealand for 11 months.I met so many people, discovered new culture and foods who influence my life every day.My highlight trips was discovered the Polynesian culture in Tahiti, Hawaii and Fidji and New Zealand.
Discovering new ingredients, presentations in Australia.
Learned and still learning the Culture and architecture in Europe.
My next trip is going back to Europe to see family and discovery a new country on my bucket list for culture and foods (Italy) with a truffle hunting and wine tasting.
I look forward to give the same passion for my customers
Anne Van Brussel