Christy Graves
Christy Graves
Christy Graves

Company Name: Elite Travel and Expeditions

Name: Christy Graves

City, State/Province: Shadyside, Ohio/USA


My love for travel began at the very young age of 15 when my parents sold our family van just so they could afford to send me to France with some of my French classmates and my French teacher. This trip only came around once every 6 years, and I was lucky enough to be in the right class at the right time. My visit to France opened my eyes and my heart to all the beautiful and historical architecture, the different, yet tasty foods, and vast cultures, and the breathtaking landscape across the country. This is also when and where my deep appreciation for history began. Going up (and up) the Eiffel Tower to look far below on the beautiful city of Paris, to wine tasting at a country vineyard, to participating in a French Easter Sunday ceremony in a church several hundreds of years old, to touring many ancient castles such as the beautiful castle of Versailles where Napoleon once ruled, to admiring the Mona Lisa at her home in the Louvre, all the way to the extraordinarily peaceful and humbling grave sites of hundreds of WWII soldiers on the beaches of Normandy. This trip was one I will always hold dear to my heart.

I have always been an outdoors person and a lover of all things nature. My true passion lies with marine life and spending a lot of time in the water. So, it was only natural that I became a certified scuba diver with a dream of one day diving the Great Barrier Reef. And, that dream came true when I accompanied a friend to Australia on a 2 week adventure around the continent. Other beautiful places I’ve visited are Hawaii, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and many cities across the continental U.S.

As a person who sees so much beauty in the world and looks at every opportunity to explore and experience all this Earth has to offer, I could think of nothing better than sharing my passion for travel with you as we partner to plan an elite, memorable experience created just for you. Let’s make your next adventure one you won’t soon forget.

Where does your heart desire to go today?