Anneke Hill
Anneke Hill
Anneke Hill

Company Name: White Lotus Brands, LLC

Name: Becky A. Boros

City, State/Province: Bonita Springs, FL


Hi My name is Becky Boros and I have been a world traveler since the age of 18. I have always had a fascination with castles and the history behind them, so the first thing I did after graduation from high school was fly to the UK and find as many castles as I could to explore.

The first two years in college, I was a history major where I studied various cultures and made a wish list of all the places I would experience in my lifetime. I’m happy to say that one by one I am checking them off my wish list.

That was the beginning of a 51 year span of exciting World Travel. An extraordinary experience is what I seek on each adventure I book. Whether looking down on Machu Picchu from a mountaintop to the serenity of Medjugore or walking among the sphinxes of Egypt.

The world is filled with culture, traditions, awe inspiring topography, and natural wonders. What is on your “wish” list? Let me help you help you plan a trip of a lifetime so you can have that extraordinary experience you are looking for. Who better to assist you with your travel plans that a person who has seen it firsthand. Do you desire to visit the Buddhist temples in Thailand or go on a trek up Machu Picchu? Maybe you prefer to sit and relax on a gorgeous beach in Bali?

Share with me your dream trip and I’ll make it happen! Happy Travels!