Leann Martens

Company Name: Nelson Krieg Travel
Website: www.nelsonkriegtravel.com

Name: Eric & Carri Nelson

City, State/Province: Euless

Email: info@nelsonkriegtravel.com

Nelson Krieg Travel was inspired by the wonderful story we share and our family names. We both grew up in southeastern Montana.

We went to the same high school and graduated together. Eric went to Utah for college and Carri stayed in Montana for her undergraduate degree. Carri then moved to Colorado for a master’s degree and Eric stayed in Utah to start a family.

Life was good, but both experienced a tragedy that was hard to overcome. Eric lost his wife to cancer and Carri lost her husband to ALS. Their strength and passion for life persevered.

Fast forward a few years to our 30-year high school reunion. Eric was living in Utah and Carri in Texas. After speaking to each other and catching up, they again went their separate ways.

Six months passed and Eric moved to Texas for work and started a new chapter in life. A few months later after enjoying each other’s friendship and spending time together we began dating. The rest is a fairy tale and we were married in 2018 to start a new chapter in life, love and travel.

We discovered how much we love Travel and discovering new places together. Our favorite quote is “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” We are inspired to enjoy our life and we travel to experience this great planet. Our business was the perfect way to be involved in travel and helping others find their perfect travel experiences.