Fiona Hamilton

Company Name: Fiona Hamilton Travel


Name: Fiona Hamilton

City, State/Province: Bakersfield, California


I first discovered my love of travel in England, I would beg my parents to go on organized school trips abroad. In my teens and twenties I did a lot of solo traveling to Hong Kong, Thailand, Egypt and the Holy Land. I even went on a Safari in Africa! I have also traveled extensively throughput Europe. I found this experience exhilarating knowing I could go exactly where I wanted to go and do anything I wanted to do on my timetable. Now my daughter is following in my footsteps (planned and booked by me of course)!

I met my husband while he was traveling in England from the United States and eventually moved and now I call Bakersfield, California my home.

As a family of four we enjoy trips together filling our days with new adventures. My husband and I enjoy relaxing from the daily grind or taking a food tour to experience new cuisines. My daughter and I have taken “girl’s trips.” The last one was for her college graduation we visited Peru and Brazil. Food, cocktails and Paragliding ( her not me) were part of the fun as well as pampering at the spa.

Coming home is always good but planning the next trip is better!