Leann Martens

Company Name: Hollybell Travel
Website: hollybelltravel.us.com

Name: Jennifer Malloy

City, State/Province: Willis, Texas

Email: hollybelltravel@gmail.com

I was born in Houston, Texas and grew up during the best decades in history, the 80’s and 90’s. It was a great time to be alive- the music, movies, and all the new inventions that defined the times. My family and I traveled all over the United States to the National parks, historic cities, and of course the best beaches! After high school, I joined the United States Navy and traveled the world. I went to Guatemala, Iceland, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and tons of other memorable places. I loved the adventures along with the food, culture, and history of each country. Now I have my own company and ready to help everyone experience what the world has to offer on personalized luxury vacations!