Jessica Avery
Jessica Avery
Jessica Avery

Company Name: Ms. Guided Tours

Name: Jessica Avery

City, State/Province: Scottsdale, AZ


My love with travel and culture began at a very early age in my small Arizona hometown with, of all things, a “Children of the World” pencil box. I was fascinated with all the flags and colorful, traditional costumes of the various nationalities. I would spend hours with my nose in my grandmothers’ encyclopedias reading about different countries and studying their languages. What sparked your passion for travel?

For me, travel is an essential part of life. It feeds my insatiable curiosity of the world, gives me a tremendous sense of connection with humanity and opens doors to exciting new possibilities in life and business. There’s not a place I don’t want to go or a type of travel that doesn’t appeal to me. From solo to group or bucket-list to purposeful to “oh, why not?”. My first full-fledged solo trip was planned by closing my eyes, spinning the globe and pointing…Colombia it was! To date, it’s been one of my best experiences.

Traveling with children has become another favorite type of travel in recent years. I started taking my nephew with me whenever possible a few years ago and he’s been hooked ever since. Iceland was our first big adventure together and it’s one I highly recommend for first-time family or female solo trips. The list of fun and interesting things to do are endless and it’s such a safe and friendly country.

Like many, art, music, movies and literature have been big trip motivators. I have great memories of listening to “Winds of Change” in Gorki Park during Russia’s1992 transitional period, and “Africa” while touring an African Wildlife Preserve in Malawi. Last summer I incorporated places mentioned and frequented by Hemingway during my driving tour of Spain. A “Tea in the Sahara” worthy moment is currently at the top of my bucket list, as is an Antarctic expedition, an Australian Outback adventure and the biggest one, listening to “Fly Me to the Moon”… from the moon!

What’s on your list? Do you have something similar fueling your current travel motive? I’d love to hear about it! I’m an inspiration junkie and I love to get caught up in the details that will create a truly exceptional personal experience. I like to tell my clients that travel is an important part of our life story, so let’s craft it like a bestseller!