Karen Kay
Karen Kay

Company Name: Kay Kreative Travel
Website: www.kaykreativetravel.com

Name: Karen Kay

City, State/Province: Moncton, New Brunswick

Email: karen@kaykreativetravel.com

Travel is a true necessity! It helps rejuvenate my soul and sparks my creativity. It’s also a time to reconnect with family and friends, to make lifelong memories with the ones you love.

I crave learning about new cultures and seeing new places. Is that something you crave, too?

The more I travel the more engaging it becomes. The world is a spectacular place, and the people in it are wonderful. My trip to Barbados gave me a chance to meet some of the beautiful people that live there. I also got to experience the stunning beaches.

I enjoy getting to see the places that I have seen in TV and movies. The stores come to life in a whole new way. This is even more true for me when it comes to history. Seeing the the rolling hills of Ireland or the Castles of Scotland. It really bring the past to life!

What’s your travel dreams? I can’t wait to help you bring them to life. Let me Kreative your next memory!!