Lacey Ramos
Lacey Ramos

Company Name: Lacey Ramos Travel

Name: Lacey Ramos

City, State/Province: Casper, WY


My name is Lacey Ramos. I live in Casper, WY with my husband and two children. I enjoy spending time outdoors, cooking, savoring a glass of red wine, reading a good book and, of course, planning travel!

When I started in travel, it was simply because I was passionate about traveling the world. My grandparents took me on my first trip when I was a little girl, and it ignited my passion for exploring the world. I now have the privilege of passing on the joy of exploration to my children. One of my favorite things in life is traveling with my family!

The process of planning a trip is fun for me. Some people may find it daunting, but I love every aspect of it. It fits together like a puzzle, but not an unchangeable one. Each piece can be re-arranged to make it the perfect picture of what each client wants their vacation to look like. I love hearing my clients tell me how their trip opened their eyes to the world, helped them make connections or enhanced their lives and relationships.