Leann Martens

Company Name: Sands Luxury Travel
Website: sandsluxurytravel.com

Name: Laurie B Brown

City, State/Province: Springville, UT

Email: berdinie@yahoo.com

Memories are built every day. I am Laurie and my love for exploration began early in life. Outdoors were the places for me, under, around, or maybe even in the trees, walking though grass as tall as I was, and splashing in the ocean with my family, these are some of my earliest memories. I love the crops and the groves, the desert and cactus, the ocean and the skies, where they all meet is my happy place. I can’t wait to discover the animals, plants, terrain and foliage from New York to Hawaii and Mexico to Italy and I have a list of places to still discover. I have planned many excursions for the willing souls and have a great desire to help others create journeys that will touch their lives forever. Are you ready? Let me design a plan with you that you will never forget.