Leann Martens

Name: Leann Martens

City, State/Province: Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Email: leann@leannmartenstravel.com

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” ? Anita Desai

My name is Leann Martens and I am a travel advisor and owner of Leann Martens Travel. I am most passionate about sharing my love for travel with clients and to build lifelong relationships with them while we discover the globe together. Planning and traveling vicariously through your adventures is a joy for me – and I want it to be just as much fun for you as well!
Over the years, as I have traveled, my absolute favourite part has been learning about the local people, eating the unique cuisine and then sharing these stories with family, friends and clients after words!!! Then looking for the next adventure!!!

My love for travel started in my late teens when I went on an exchange trip to Montreal where I was immersed into a different culture right in my own country! Amazing!! I did my teaching internship in New Zealand and traveled through Australia and The Cook Islands during university and have continued with that travel bug to this day!! My most recent trip was to Zambia where I volunteered my time working with orphaned children with my son!!

We all want different things, experiences and memories out of our travels. I am here to make your travel experience the best that it can be for YOU!! What would make you fulfilled from your vacation? What kind of experience do you want to have? Is it beautiful scenery and nature? Are you looking for an Adventure? Do you seek travel with an intellectual or historical piece?? Do you seek a place to rest and relax???

I am here to help you make your own special dreams with your family, loved ones and friends become a reality.