Louise Simard Young
Louise Simard Young
Louise Simard Young

Company Name: Terroir Travel
Website: www.TerroirTravel.com

Name: Louise Simard Young

City, State/Province: Calgary AB

Email: Louise@TerroirTravel.com

My passion for travel all started when I moved from a French part of Quebec to an English part of British Columbia as a 12 year old. Being bilingual I realized that my country of Canada and the world were more open to me as I was able to communicate with many different people and was able to appreciate their cultural identities that much easier being able to personally identify with multiple cultures.
Another influential journey I experienced was when I was sixteen I flew across Canada in a Cessna 172 with my family to visit my very large extended family and friends all over Canada. Canada is a stunningly beautiful country!
For the last twenty eight years I have been chasing after, traveling with and enjoying being the mother of three active boys. We have all enjoyed some very memorable travel together (Toured Mexico, Japan and Vietnam as a family) and continue to travel together into their adulthood. My youngest son has kept me very busy for the last eight years taking him to most of the top ski resorts in North America for freestyle skiing as he is now a member of the Canadian National Freestyle Halfpipe team. We have really enjoyed the amazing skiing in North America, and hope to continue to do so for many years to come!
Food is a really important part of my travels, but being a celiac has made it a bit tricky- but I can always work my way around it to enjoy the way a local cuisine can tell part of the story of the culture I am learning about. I have always enjoyed learning a recopies on my travels and incorporating them into our meal repertoires. My oldest son is a chef so we really appreciated our food focused trips to Japan and Vietnam.
I have always really enjoyed being active while we travel as it allows for engagement on such an intimate level, whether it be mountain biking in Moab, Utah; Kayaking in Halong Bay Vietnam; Going on every ride at Disney World’s four resorts; Touring Paris by foot and metro, Descending the Grand Canyon on a Mule, Snorkeling in Puerto Rico, Zip lining in Mexico, Surfing in California, Driving the circumference of the Island of Maui, Skiing in Aspen and most of the ski resorts in Canada and of course enjoying many wonderful beach days at countless places.

I would love to help you plan your next trip!