Leann Martens

Company Name: MJ Elite Travel
Website: www.mjelitetravel.com

Name: Marnie Constance & Jason Nunez

City, State/Province: Long Beach, CA

Email: marnie@mjelitetravel.com

Our team grew from a mutual love of travel. Planning was always a big part of the experience and excitement. When friends and family began asking us for recommendations for their own trips, we realized our dream of helping others on their journeys.

MARNIE-I have been in the travel industry for 30 years in various capacities from working in an Air Traffic Control facility to transitioning into the Airline industry. My love of travel began in childhood with my Navy dad moving us every few years to new locations around the globe. My airline career has allowed me to enjoy my love of European Culture, Mexican beaches, Caribbean sun as well as the natural beauty the US has to offer. I feel travel is the best education anyone can receive by giving you understanding, knowledge and acceptance of our differences as well as the similarities in every culture.

JASON-I have a background as a small business owner in retail but had to change direction which gave me the opportunity to do a lot of traveling that I didn’t have much time for in the past. This enlightened me about the joys of travel and I was hooked by my very first Parisian trip, coming up the metro stairs and falling in love instantly with the amazing architecture and beauty in front of me. Now, years later after having traveled to France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and places closer to home in the US, I knew that helping others achieve the vacation of their dreams was my true calling.

Join us in creating your perfect trip and helping you achieve the luxury journey of your dreams!