Mary Valle

Company Name: Inspired Worldwide Travel

Name: Mary Valle

City, State/Province: 503 Boyd Avenue Sumner, Washington 98390


Mary Valle is blessed with two talented daughters and a 25-year marriage with an adventurous man. As a family, they have found solace exploring new places and have enjoyed many trips together. Taking every opportunity to travel and discover new and fascinating destinations, she loves to hike and ride her bike while enjoying the great outdoors. As a Travel Advisor with a passion for sustainable travel, it is possible for Mary to fulfil her dream of helping people see the world while making it a better place. Her training in travel has given her access to many hotel and touring options with Green Standards worldwide.

Mary’s travels took her to New Orleans in 2005 where she volunteered to assist the Salvation Army after a devastating and destructive Hurricane. Her compassion extended beyond the United States when she travelled to Costa Rica finding the beautiful natural landscape being changed dramatically by developers attempting to adapt to tourism. This conflict between the want to see the world and the need to preserve it, sparked her mission to provide verified, sustainable hotels, activities, and tours as a way of helping to preserve and maintain natural resources and communities.

“Leaving things better than when you got” is Marys favourite motto, she believes traveling is the best way to enjoy different cultures and landscapes and that it is our duty to help protect and support them. She believes travel breaks us away from what we are accustom to and helps us see life with a refreshed and inspired perspective. Mary is committed to delivering customized and unique itineraries for her clients with a focus on sustainability and cultural immersion so the traveller can return home with lasting memories they can be proud of.