Michele Powell

Company Name: The Hungry Traveler, LLC
Website: thehungrtytraveler.NET

Name: Michele Powell

City, State/Province: West Palm Beach

Email: michele@thehungrytraveler.net

I am a travel professional who owns an agency and also works as an independent affiliate of Mason Horvath. I strongly believe it’s not really about where I have traveled–but where I can take you. My goal is to excite and deliver a WOW destination experience, in helping to design a curated experience that exceeds your expectations. I have traveled many places, but the bottom line is “where do you want to go” and let you discover how I can make it happen.

For those that would like more details , I have traveled throughout the Caribbean, several regions of Europe, Asia and it would be a privilege to share not only my travels but also your travel experiences ensuring the right destination to meet your needs.

Finally, being a Virtuoso member, allows me to invite you to experience added quality and memorable moments making your destination more unique.