Rosana Greco

Company Name: Haute Luxe Travel

Name: Rosana Greco

City, State/Province: Miami, FL


Born in Venezuela from Sicilian father and Venezuelan-Dutch mother, Rosana Greco grew up in a mixed culture household that embraced travel, people from different cultures and religions. Rosana has been traveling to Italy to visit family since she was a child and took her first solo trip at the age of 14. By 15 she had visited more than a dozen countries and spoke several languages.

As she was growing up, the travel bug just got stronger as she would spent summers and winter holidays with relatives and friends in the United States, the Caribbean or Italy. Her high school dream was to become a diplomat or work at the UN which prompted her to study French and enroll in Law school in her native city of Maracaibo. After one year she decided that was not the best career choice for her switching to Communications and Broadcasting from which she graduated Cum Laude. In 2002 she moved to Miami, FL and started working in the hospitality industry doing sales for a fabric company and traveling extensively around the US. Rosana has been in the hospitality industry for 15 years in several capacities which has enriched her understanding of the industry as a whole and has sharpened her knowledge of what makes hotels and restaurants great.

Fun fact: In 2017 she acquired 2 plots of land in Scotland which gave her a ladyship title becoming Lady Rosana Greco of Glencoe and Lochaber.