Leann Martens

Company Name: Pamwe Travel Advisors
Website: www.pamwetraveladvisors.com

Name: Sabina Zunguze

City, State/Province: Destin, Florida

Email: sabina@pamwetraveladvisors.com

Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in learning and experiencing how and why different cultures around the world live the way they do. As a result, from the first opportunity I had to travel during my college days – be it in different African countries, Asia or in various countries in Europe, this curiosity and interest has been my inspiration. Therefore, from a very early age, my numerous trips around the world, resulted in my being an informal advisor to those who seek unique travel experiences on their own terms, solo, with family or with a group of people.

Fast forward, I took a leap to formally use my experience and knowledge in travel to help those who are seeking professional to plan memorable trips. I consider myself so fortunate to be in the best of professions, that I love, of advising and seeing the joy of those who seek to travel on their own terms. The favorite part of my job isn’t talking about travel and my personal experiences, it is about hearing my clients tell me how their trip opened their eyes to the world, helped them make connections or possibly changed their lives or their relationships. For me, it’s all about exceeding expectations.

On a daily basis, I now find that my passion for travel is secondary to my desire to delight my clients. My greatest satisfaction is to find my clients the perfect cruise, tour or adventure, then take it one step further with small surprises along the way.

There is a lot of information on the internet that can be confusing and time consuming. With my numerous resources and contacts, together we can plan the best trip that you desire, saving you time and money.

My job, as your travel advisor, is to ensure we accomplish this together, and the only way I can, is for us to work together as we move towards the perfect itinerary.

So please contact me as I would love to plan your next memorable trip!