Tasha Michelle Brown
Tasha Michelle Brown

Company Name: Juvelo Travel
Website: www.juvelotravel.com

Name: Hammonds Plains

City, State/Province: Hammonds Plains

Email: tasha@juvelotravel.com

Hi Everyone:
My name is Tasha Brown, president of Juvelo Travel an independent contractor with Mason Horvath Travel.

As a young child I grew up in a small village of 800 people on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I was an avid reader who devoured National Geographic magazines. I thought the world was a huge place and I was determined to see all of it.

Fast forward a couple of decades to my honeymoon and there I am in Negril Jamaica on a horseback riding tour through the mountains when a little boy runs out of shanty house with a t-shirt that said “Somebody from Cape Breton Love Me”. Completely shocked, I asked him where he got the t-shirt and in typical six year old fashion he said “My Mom!” It was in that moment that I realized that even though the world was large geographically, it was so small in many other ways. I also realized that it was not only the big experiences that make travel amazing but the little unexpected things that connect you to people and places.

Over the years I have traveled in Canada, the United States, throughout the Caribbean and a little bit of Europe and every single country has just awakened more of the wanderlust that I had since childhood. Now here I am, using my knowledge and connections to help others journey through those unique experiences that they have dreamed of.

Here a Juvelo Travel our goal is to design travel experiences that are tailored to each individual client. To create trips that have those little touches that connect each person on the trip to the place they are visiting. It doesn’t matter if that is a wine tour through France, a safari in South Africa, walking the Great Wall of China or bungi jumping in New Zealand. My job is to design your travel so that it’s special for you and I love doing it. Nothing makes me happier than listening to someone tell be about their trip, what they did and who they met.

So let me plan your next trip and make it the adventure you want it to be. As our motto says, it’s “Your Journey… Your Adventure…. Your Way!!!”