Dining in Thailand comes in many forms. Some nights you’ll find yourself in Bangkok’s bustling Chinatown slurping down the best noodle soup you’ve ever had. You’ll be sitting on a plastic chair that is surely designed for a five-year-old. The table height is just as low. It’s also a little sweaty since this al-fresco dining situation is on the sidewalk with Bangkok life whizzing by not more than two meters away. But none of this matters because this is the best bowl of noodle soup you’ve ever tasted. On the flip slide, during your time in Thailand you can dine in the most luxurious and private locations you’ve ever seen.

Candlelit dinners are lovely, but how about a private candlelit dinner next to a waterfall in the jungle? And I don’t mean just a candle on your table. I’m talking about hundreds of candles surrounding you, illuminating the waterfall, the jungle, with a few larger torches bringing light to your table. The Sarojin Khao Lak Resort offers some of the coolest private dining experiences you’ll ever encounter. The food selection throughout Thailand is worth the trip, but these memorable dining options will leave your taste buds and your heart in Thailand.

Sarojin waterfall dinner

The Sarojin’s private dining experience next to a waterfall eliminates all questions of, “Where should we eat tonight?!”

Dining options at The Sarojin

Once you’ve been led into the jungle and sat atop fluffy white pillows, take a second to marvel at the jungle surrounding you. The sound of the waterfall and the birds singing are the soundtrack for your dinner. Soon you’ll be enjoying lobster from the Andaman Sea, Thai prawn soup, and of course, mango sticky rice for dessert, a must-try while in Thailand.

Get shipwrecked

If you’re feeling more tropical than jungle, The Sarojin will happily accommodate. Go ahead and hop on the yacht that will take you to your own private island for dinner, themed “Shipwrecked in Style.” Just you, your chosen dining companions, and an entirely private island with an uninterrupted 360° view of the Andaman Sea. Unlike if you were actually shipwrecked, there’s no struggle for food here.

The Sarojin Resort, Thailand

This is one instance where being “shipwrecked” isn’t a bad thing.

If you’ve ever watched Survivor, this is something out of the rewards challenge. When the designated winner gets whisked away for a night away from the game and dines on the highest-quality food in a luxurious beach setting while their fellow competitors eat rice and sit on damp logs at camp. Thankfully in this scenario, you are certainly the winner. The dinner menu includes Thai beef salad, roasted duck red curry, and fresh Thai fruits. This is one shipwreck I highly recommend being victim of.

A classic beach barbecue

Of course, you’re at The Sarojin in part to enjoy the beach. What’s a trip to Thailand without some beach time? After the perfect day lounging and taking a dip to cool off in the heat of the day, head right back to the beloved beach for a special private barbecue.

The Sarojin Resort, Thailand

A beach barbecue is never a bad idea, especially on a Thai beach with a personal chef.

Toes in the sand, watch the sunset as your sip a cocktail. The tree above you is glowing with lanterns and strings of adorable Thai flowers hanging off the branches. Tall candles illuminate the area all around your table, set In the soft sugar sand. Your chef and his cooking station are a few meters away, waiting your order. The only issue you face is what to order: Thai marinated chicken or grilled pork loin. Whatever you choose, you’re destined for a wonderful private beach barbecue on one of the most beautiful and serene beaches in Thailand. Yep, you’re definitely extended your stay. Or at least booked your return visit as soon as you leave.

Pool dining

Maybe you’ve dined pool side before, or maybe you’ve even broken the rules and had a bite to eat while in the pool. But not many of us have dined in the middle of the pool in an intimate elevated pavilion. If you’ve had a busy day exploring Thailand and can’t be bothered to move more than a few steps from your room for dinner, this private pool dining is waiting for you.

pool pavilion Sarojin

The pool pavilion awaits you for dinner after a relaxing day in Thailand.

The aquamarine colors emanating from the pool serenely light your dinner. The pool sits in a garden-setting and you’ll be seated under a wonderful canopy. This is the perfect location to unwind from a busy day. Choose the spring rolls for an appetizer and chicken green curry for dinner and head into the evening perfectly relaxed.

The Sarojin experience

In addition to these out of this world dining experiences, everything at The Sarojin is spectacular. Our favorite rooms here are the pool residences. The interior of the room is wonderful with a king bed, two showers, and a soaking tub. But the true highlight is the exterior. Outside you have your own private pool, a veranda perfect for lounging, a garden space with lounge chairs, and a sun terrace. If you fancy a midnight swim, no one will stop you!

The Sarojin Resort, Thailand

The pool residence sala is where you’ll enjoy daily breakfast – at whatever time you choose.

In all rooms, The Sarojin offers daily breakfast served to you on your veranda. As if this wasn’t cool enough, they’ll serve you breakfast at whatever time you’d like it. So if you happen to sleep in until 10am and decide a beach jog sounds nice, you’re not going to miss your breakfast window.

Get out and about

Instead of pre-planning your itinerary, why not let The Sarojin decide for you? Board the Lady Sarojin for a day exploring the sea life in the area, trek with an elephant, or go white-water rafting. For a calm day, book yourself into the on-site spa. Even on vacation, we could all use a de-stressing head massage. Or maybe opt for the sports massage to help recover from yesterday’s rock climbing excursion.

lady sarojin private excursion

The Lady Sarojin will take you on your ocean adventure.

The Sarojin is sure to become your new favorite resort in Thailand. Now all your have to do is convince your friends back home that Thailand isn’t actually that far away and they’re on the hook for joining you next time. And even if it does take more than one plane to get there, what awaits is truly worth the journey.