Discover how the Sheraton Tokoriki Transfers You From the Airport
Sheraton Resort & Spa, Tokoriki Island,Fiji

We’ve all left the airport after a long flight relieved that we’re finally at our destination, only to discover there’s still a long, boring transfer to the hotel.

Guests of the Sheraton Resort & Spa, Tokoriki Island have this problem. It’s located on the secluded island of Tokoriki, in the middle of the South Pacific. Guests arrive in Nadi, Fiji after a long 10-hour flight from Los Angeles and are then stuck having to wait for a ferry to get to the island.

Thankfully, this resort has come up with better option.

A much better option.

And that’s why I’m giving them my “Airport Transfer of the Year” award.

How To Get There

You’ve just arrived in Nadi, Fiji and picked up your luggage.

While the other guests exit the airport and head to the ferry line-up, you’ll head for the beach. After a quick change into your bathing suit, you’ll hand over your luggage to the resort staff who will transfer the bags by ferry.

Then you’ll jump on one of the resort’s Yamaha jet skis and race over to the island, zipping through the crystal clear ocean on the one-hour trip.

Sheraton Resort Tokoriki Jet Ski
A quick jump in the South Pacific is the best way to revive after a long flight!

Sheraton Resort Tokoriki Jet Ski Dolphins
You’ll likely have traveling companions along the way.

Sheraton Resort Tokoriki Jet Ski View
Here’s your view of the resort as you approach the island.

Sheraton Resort Tokoriki Jet Ski Escort
You’ll be escorted by staff, so there’s no fear of getting lost in the vast ocean.

Sheraton Resort Tokoriki Jet Ski Check In
You’ll be greeted by the hotel staff who will check you into your room while you’re standing right there on the beach.

Sheraton Resort Tokoriki Jet Ski Welcome Drink
They’ll serve you your welcome champagne in the water.

Sheraton Resort Tokoriki Jet Ski Relax
After the most refreshing airport transfer ever, you’re free to enjoy your champagne in the water, while all the others guests that took the ferry are stuck in line in the lobby.

Have you ever had a difficult check-in after a long flight? Tell me the story below!

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