The Judgement of Everest

I have a fondness for wine and a passion for adventure, so I was intrigued when a business associate of mine, James Cluer, told me he would be heading to Nepal so he could taste some wine at the Mount Everest Base Camp. His goal was to see what effects the high altitude had on the wine.

I’ve known James for a number of years. We first met when Laurie and I took our first wine course with him and we’ve kept in touch ever since.

James is a pretty important guy in the wine industry. He’s one of only 319 people globally to have received the top wine designation of “Master of Wine”. His company, Fine Vintage Ltd, is recognized as the top WSET wine teaching school in the world. He’s also a wine consultant for some major brands, including Fairmont Hotels and Qatar Airlines.

The video below documents his trip to Nepal and the first-ever wine tasting at Mount Everest’s Base Camp. The top-notch cinematography does a great job capturing the essence of a trip to Nepal and his story telling provides a snapshot of why he’s a top-rated wine educator.

How much would it cost to trek to the Everest Base Camp?

Of course, the biggest question on your mind is “How much does a trip like this cost?” Maybe you’re just curious or maybe you want to take the trip yourself! Either way, click on the link below to find out.

How much does it cost?
What about a wine trip somewhere else in the world?

James Cluer also runs some exclusive, small group tours to the world’s finest wine regions. On his trips, you’ll get inside access to wineries normally closed to the public, meet the owners and winemakers, taste phenomenal wines and eat at the best restaurants.

For more information about James’ small group tours, contact us. Or if you’re interested in taking a customized independent wine tour, we can help you with that, too.

Where’s the strangest place you’ve tasted wine?

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