Alex Yates

With 16 years experience as a Travel Advisor and 48 countries visited ( so far), I have the experience , and have amazing relationships with Suppliers across the world to help you plan your perfect vacation….

Alysia Ducuara

Hi, my name is Alysia and I started Postcard Envy Travel. I LOVE to travel and experience new cultures, people, places, and food. I believe travel can inspire, help a person grow, make you feel more connected, and challenge…

Anne Van Brussel

Travel opens your mind, teach about yourself and gives you inspiration in your life.My parents gives me the opportunity to travel with them when I was younger, to discover new cultures….

Barb O’Malley-Wikstrom

I believe travel is one of life’s ultimate joys- it never fails to inspire, educate, and fill me with wonder and gratitude. Having grown up in a military family afforded me the opportunity to live on three continents and opened my eyes to the world and forever cemented a wanderlust …

Brian & Shannon Stasiewich

For most people, our lives seem a little crazy. We have moved and lived in a lot of different places. From Colorado’s western slope to Montana and then back to Canada and the Okanogan Valley. And now we are now living in Coco Costa Rica….

Cheryl Koyzan

I’ve had 36 years of telecommunication experience which has given me the skill set to be a great communicator and listener. Let me help you plan and guide your travel as I specialize in …

Connie Humphrey

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page -Augustine of Hippo

I love how this quote combines two of my passions, books and travel. As an Army brat, I’ve always lived a nomadic life. It was sometimes lonely leaving friends…

Estelle Wilcox

What an amazing job people say I have and I absolutely agree! I’ve been providing wedding consultation and planning since ’99 and now a luxury travel business that only enhances my adventures in travel and provides the best expert knowledge…

Geri Shelton

My love for travel began as a child. My parents would pack up my siblings and I and took us on road trips each summer. Since then I’ve been to over 10 countries and counting…..

Ghyliane Paul

Ghyliane was born in the Caribbean where she grew up enjoying the Caribbean Sea and the beautiful weather. At 19, she discover the magic world of travel while working for a Charter Plane Company, organizing trips to the Caribbean and Florida…..

Hillary Venti

I love to travel, in fact it’s my passion. I would often share this passion and the experiences that travel can bring with family and friends. For many years, I’ve given travel excursions as gifts instead of material things….

Jennifer Matauic

Hi, I’m Jennifer Matauic and I’m passionate… not just about travel, but about people and experiences, too. Travel is the container that allows me to engage with those two passions: connecting people with once-in-a-lifetime experiences….

Jessica Avery

My love with travel and culture began at a very early age in my small Arizona hometown with, of all things, a “Children of the World” pencil box. I was fascinated with all the flags and colorful, traditional costumes of the various nationalities…..

Jill Vander Yacht

I love sharing my passion for travel with others. There is nothing better than helping someone plan the trip of their dreams and handling all of the details so that they can relax and enjoy the trip….

Karen Kay

Travel is a true necessity! It helps rejuvenate my soul and sparks my creativity. It’s also a time to reconnect with family and friends, to make lifelong memories with the ones you love…..

Karina Graham

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, my roots span the globe and my curiosity about the world started at a very young age. My first memorable trip was at 6 years old with my family and took me half way around the world to the United States….

Lacey Ramos

My name is Lacey Ramos. I live in Casper, WY with my husband and two children. I enjoy spending time outdoors, cooking, savoring a glass of red wine, reading a good book and, of course, planning travel!

When I started in travel, it was simply because I was passionate about traveling the world..

Laurie Horvath

I am the President of Mason Horvath Travel, a team of Luxury Travel Advisors, who are passionate about what we do. Not only do we love to travel and explore the world, we are committed to offering the best customer service and experience for our clients….

Leann Martens

My name is Leann Martens and I am a travel advisor and owner of Leann Martens Travel. I am most passionate about sharing my love for travel with clients and to build lifelong relationships with them while we discover the globe together. Planning and traveling vicariously….

Lisa Matera

It has been my dream as long as I can remember to have a career that is aligned with travel. The next best thing to experiencing my own travel is to hear about a client’s amazing travel experience that….

Louise Simard Young

My passion for travel all started when I moved from a French part of Quebec to an English part of British Columbia as a 12 year old. Being bilingual I realized that my country of Canada and the world were more open to me as I was able….

Mary Valle

Mary Valle is blessed with two talented daughters and a 25-year marriage with an adventurous man. As a family, they have found solace exploring new places and have enjoyed many trips together. Taking every opportunity….

Michele Powell

I am a travel professional who owns an agency and also works as an independent affiliate of Mason Horvath. I strongly believe it’s not really about where I have traveled–but where I can take you. My goal is to excite and deliver a WOW destination experience….

Paula Prickett

I have a lot of passions in life. Two of my favorites are traveling and helping people achieve their dreams. When I became a custom travel planner, this allowed me to combine those two passions and positively impacted the lives of others…..

Ramona Jenkins

I have traveled with my children to most of the states. Enjoying hiking and history throughout the United States. Creating the most fantastic memories together…

Rosana Greco

Born in Venezuela from Sicilian father and Venezuelan-Dutch mother, Rosana Greco grew up in a mixed culture household that embraced travel, people from different cultures and religions. Rosana has been traveling to…..

Sabina Long

I worked in the financial industry for years before getting into travel, where I truly found my passion. As a mother of three, I consider myself pretty versed in all things family travel and proud to say my children …..

Sarin Raj

Travel is that breath of fresh air that recharges and rejuvenates me. It also allows me time away from the hectic day-to-day activities of life. I get to refocus on important aspects of my life and come back a newer and improved …..

Tammy Fenner

Maybe it’s because of my Viking Heritage
But I have a Passion for Travel
I believe that Everyone should have the Opportunity to Explore the World…..

Tasha Michelle Brown

My name is Tasha Brown, president of Juvelo Travel an independent contractor with Mason Horvath Travel.
As a young child I grew up in a small village of 800 people on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I was an avid reader…

Travis Dedmore

I am happily based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and am a lover of all things travel. Whether it’s the city next door, a state a few hours away, or another country that takes hours to get to, I love it all….

Zach Howard

After working as a financial advisor for over a decade, I decided to turn my passion for travel and adventure into a second career. My dynamic and caring dedication to my clients are invaluable assets in the ever changing travel environment…..