We’re Human.

Why does that matter?

The Internet is ruining travel.

We hate the Internet’s version of automated, cookie-cutter travel with its one-size-fits-all approach. Plug in your dates and destination and out spits the same standard, ordinary trip with no originality.

Do you want more than a cookie-cutter trip?

Don't get stuck with Cookie-Cutter Travel.
We provide custom trips in Thailand.

We’re not the Internet. We care.

No website is smart enough to have an intuitive conversation with you, and the Internet certainly doesn’t care about you. But we do. Through our conversations, we’ll uncover the trip that fits exactly what you’re looking for.

So yes, we’re human. We’re not a cookie-cutter travel company. We’re here for those that want to travel better.

We’re here for the trips that matter.

How did we start?

Back in 2007, online travel was taking off and travel agencies were cutting their services to compete.

But our founders, Dean Horvath and Claudia Mason, wouldn’t accept that. They knew some travelers care about the quality of their trip.

So after a decade as the top performers at one of the largest travel companies in the world, they chose to open Mason Horvath Travel.

Although Claudia Mason is no longer with the company, owners Dean & Laurie Horvath (more about Dean here) have maintained the the core philosophy: we help our clients travel better.

Mason Horvath Through The Years
Mason Horvath Team Travels The World

We’re lucky.

We’ve got the best job. We get to send people to the four corners of the globe.

And we get to travel too. At any given time, someone from our team is off experiencing a far-away land. We’re all passionate about travel and it shows through in our work.

Our money where our mouth is.

Our team at Mason Horvath have been sending our clients around the world for years and we feel it’s our duty to give back to our planet as well as take from it.

So we’ve committed to helping disadvantaged kids around the world. Watch the video for an example of what you’ll be supporting in part by working with Mason Horvath Travel.

Find out how much better your travel can be.

How To Get A Great Trip

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